Navigating the Dating World!


You should not entertain poor manners and inappropriate conversation either. Sure an exchange can get a bit ribald, but that should all be in good fun and within the conversation of both parties involved in the exchange, but at no point should it be allowed to cross any boundaries that make you or the person you are with uncomfortable.


If you want a person to stop saying something that you find rude or unsettling, please cut them off at the pass and let them know. Likewise, you should stop yourself if you see that your date is a little uneasy with the route that a conversation has taken. If its clear that they don’t like what you’ve said, show them some respect and back off. Don’t push the issue or turn it into an argument, that certainly won’t improve your outing!


A date is not an instant relationship! - Don’t go into a date thinking it’s a going to turn into a brand new boyfriend or girlfriend. Relationships don’t happen in an instant. In fact you could go on one, two, or a dozen dates with someone and no real romantic relationship might ever come of it, at worst you might realized you’ve found a new friend to chat to or hang about the town with.


Focus on whether or not you’re having fun with your date and if you feel like you could see yourself hanging out with them again, but don’t attach the weight of “will this return into a relationship, though?” to it. You can’t predict or rush that sort of progress.


Don’t be in a rush to get to sex! - So you don’t just like your date, you like like your date and your date doesn’t just like you, they like like you. That’s great! Now you’re pondering when sex is going to come into the equation, that’s perfectly fine! But you should also consider how long you and your date may have been going steady and whether or not you guys have discussed the values and needs for sex in a relationship. If it isn’t that big a deal, then by all means go for it!


But if conversation makes it evident that sex is a big deal for either you or your partner, don’t be in a hurry to do the deed and definitely, most definitely, don’t try to push the issue. That can turn the other person off or, depending on their feelings about sex, feel like the entire process of dating was just a ploy to get into their pants. Tread carefully here and use your brain in your head (not the one in your pants, guys and gals).


Hopefully these tidbits of advice are worthwhile to you and will help you as you navigate the dating world. Again, much of it is good ol’ common sense and should come naturally to you and be something that your date already knows for themselves. There’s no telling how a date will go even if you play all of your cards right, but surely with these ideas in mind you will be on your way to a great time out with your date!



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