Common Sense Dating Advice


There are countless articles floating about in magazines, newspapers, on websites, and even in segments on television about the do’s and dont's of dating. While there is no straight answer for making an outing between dating persons perfect (we all have different ideas of fun and romance, after all!), there are some common sense elements to consider. In truth, these ideas are things that would do well for any situation of social interaction, but in the realm of dating there’s the pressure to make a good first impression and to make sure the times are good, so keeping these little tidbits in mind can go a long way to make your date a great experience. Online Adult Dating


Time is of the essence, so don’t be late! - If you’ve arranged a date with another, whether it be your first outing with them or an evening with someone you’ve known and loved for years of your life, don’t leave the other person waiting! It’s not a good look on you and it can spoil the mood of your date before it even has a chance to get started! No one likes to be kept waiting, especially when they’re looking forward to the occasion or potentially rattled with nerves of anticipation.


                        Dress to impress, but not in excess!


Male or female, the way you dress for your date matters! Clothes are a big part of how we build impressions of one another and the fashion statement you make during a date can go a long way. Whatever the occasions, be it formal or casual, dress to show off the best of yourself! If the situation doesn’t call for dressing to the nines and beyond, show some restraint and dress yourself up just enough to look nice without seeming overzealous. Believe it or not, while a person may be impressed by the spectacle of your attire, the might also be left feeling a bit inadequate and under dressed by comparison depending on what the chose to wear to the occasion. One the same note, however, don’t dress down so much for a casual occasion that you run the risk of appearing slovenly. A date might decide to do an about face on the outing if they get a look at you and your first impression given to them is hobo chic.



                          Have a conversation, not an interview!


Remember, it’s a date, not a job prospect. You’re not an employer screening a new hire and you’re not a hopeful employee looking for a new gig. Have a real and organic conversation with your date, be attentive to what they’re saying, engage in banter. Be off the cuff and have fun with the dialogue that grows between the two of you. If you want to learn more about your date, don’t question them off of some mental checklist of things you do and don’t want to hear about, whatever you want to know will reveal itself through the natural exchange!


Smile and the whole world (and especially your date) smiles with you! - Everyone loves to smile and your date will certainly love to see a smile on your face when they’re with you. After all, what have you got to frown about when you’re out and about with someone that you’re into and that is in turn into you?


Don’t entertain foolishness! - Sometimes a date can run a little late, such is the way of life. Usually, they have the courtesy to call ahead and let you know that something has thrown their timing off, but not everyone knows how to be so courteous and many can take your patience for granted. Do not let such transgressions slide!


Let your date know that you don’t like to be left feeling like you’re being stood up and that you just won’t go for their making a habit of being late. You value the time that you’re going to spend with your date, they should have the decency to show that they feel the same way.






























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